Hair Products

Ever wonder if you’re getting the right results with your hair products? It can be tempting to grab whatever shampoo or conditioner is on sale or happens to be a little less expensive than other brands. If you really want to get the most out of your hair products, however, taking the time to determine a few simple things and finding the best shampoo or conditioner formulas could potentially save you several trips to a stylist to repair damaged hair.

Assess Your Hair Type:

This sounds easy, right? It may take some people only a quick glance to really label their hair type as “dry” or “greasy”, but determining hair type to select appropriate hair products can take a bit more assessment than that.
First, you need to determine how thick your hair is. Hair thickness means both how well it covers your head and how thick an individual strand is. If you’re unsure, a general rule of thumb is a single strand of fine hair will be barely visible when held up in good or natural lighting. Medium hair will be visible, but still feel smooth between finger tips. Thick hair is easily visible and may feel slightly wiry or coarse.

Also assess if your hair is straight, wavy, or curly, along with taking into account split ends and general overall condition. If you have dyed or permed hair, you will definitely want to take that into account when you begin your hair product search.

Properly Choosing and Using Hair Products:

While it’s not an exceptionally exciting task for most people, taking the time to read the labels on shampoos and conditioners. Fortunately there are products for every imaginable hair type and problem out there, and usually several varieties and scents to choose from. You can also look for organic hair products or products not tested on animals at special holistic stores and retailers, if you prefer all natural items.

It’s important to take the time to actually follow the instructions as well as choose the right product. While this can mean a few extra minutes in the shower, letting shampoo sit on hair for a few moments before rinsing will help break up any grease or build up on your scalp and hair. Also, when possible, towel dry your hair before adding conditioner, and do not use too much; a palm full is generally more than you need.